An inherent part of our fiduciary standard is transparency in our fee structure.

We offer an "all in" cost structure that is typically 50% less1 than that offered by traditional bank, brokerage firm or insurance company platforms.
The Services You Should Expect
The services you should expect if the fee is 0.20% to 0.35%
  • An institutional trading platform
  • Utilizes low-cost index funds
  • Account aggregation, retirement planning, mobile access, etc.
  • Rebalancing and tax loss harvesting
  • Limited access to a pooled group of financial advisors, salaried (credentials unknown)
Typical Digital Platform
The services you should expect if the fee is 0.35% to 0.70%
Same service as in the typical digital platform, but also including:
  • A nationally recognized wealth manager to assist in matching portfolio design to goals
  • Utilizes low-cost index funds, smart beta funds, as well as socially responsible and active funds when appropriate
  • Two-dimensional risk tolerance analysis, incorporating your capacity and your emotional willingness to take on risk
  • More personalized service (with limits)
The services you should expect if the fee is 0.70% to 1%
  • Full concierge service, integrating investment and retirement planning along with more robust tax, estate, and risk management planning
  • Utilizes both low-cost index funds and low-cost active funds, as well as socially responsible funds,  based upon the client's specific needs
  • Customized portfolio design and retirement strategies with regular face-to-face meetings
  • Coordination with CPAs, attorneys, and other advisors
Concierge Services
Our Fee Structure

For clients with less complex financial situations, or those who don’t wish to develop a comprehensive financial plan, wealthpath offers a relatively inexpensive alternative to the concierge wealth management services offered by M.J. Smith & Associates.

Advisory Fees
Comprehensive Wealth Management Concierge Services
First $1MM
Next $2MM
Next $3MM
Next $4MM
Over $10MM
We encourage you to compare our "all in" fees to the typical bank, brokerage, or wealth management firm.

When you look at the “all in” fees - the advisory fee plus the underlying fund expenses - you’ll find many of the other investment platforms are more expensive.1 The underlying fund expenses are usually not seen by most investors. Consider an example using a hypothetical portfolio of $500,000.  This table shows the difference in total costs when factoring in both advisor fees and fund expenses.

Typical Advisory Firm
Fund Expenses
Advisor Fees
       Total Fees

Total Costs



This hypothetical illustration is provided for illustrative purposes only. Fund expenses may be lesser or greater than the amount shown depending on your investment objectives.

Our wealthpath clients would recognize a $4,600 per year savings in fees compared to the typical bank, brokerage, or wealth management firm.

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